Are there any pictures of physical Pocket Popcorn Computer prototypes?

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As the title suggest, are they any pictures of physical prototypes of the Pocket Popcorn Computer? I’m actually interested in backing this for a WiFi only model. Mainly since I think it has great potential for playing old retro computer games on the go and other multimedia functions. However, the untraditional crowdfunding method has me a bit uneasy. If some pictures of actual prototypes are available to be seen. Pictures could be of just the case, just the motherboard or a assembled prototype unit. It would help me feel more confident about backing this.

Also, is there plans to add a headphone jack?


I am also interested in seeing a working demonstration of the device.

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I am interested in the Lora version. The shipping date is apparently already in August but there are still no information about the progess of this project in this forum or the blog. I would feel way better if we could get some more infos about the progress.


there appears to be a “Source Parts” youtube channel, maybe you find some more information there!


Thanks for your interest.

We recently received 3D prints to proof the mechanical design. We added pictures of them to our blog here:

Our blog does in fact have information about progress of this project. Here we discuss the latest D.V.T. PCB design and outline the latest changes and updates.

If you would like the latest updates, please be sure to sign-up for our newsletter on the bottom of the Pocket P.C. product page.

Audio is available through one of the USB-C ports. You can use a passive USB-C audio dongle. The audio is the same as a dedicated headphone jack. We have no plans to add a dedicated audio jack.

Thank you @benw for mentioning our youtube channel. We will also be posting bits and pieces of production, testing and latest developments there.

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@sourceparts I only just noticed, it that already the actual battery inside the 3D print?

@benw Yes, a sample battery was placed inside the unit for the pictures. The production battery will have a custom label on it with our Source Parts picker logo.

We received our custom display from the factory yesterday. Expect more photos and videos to be posted soon.

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