Audio interface ,wi-fi adapter ,and some other questions

Can I pair it with audio interface or wi-fi adapter, with usb hub?, с USB-концентратором?
can i use a stylus with a touch screen? what is the final price of pocket p.c without LoRa, taking into account delivery to Russia Vladivostok, and the approximate delivery date of the finished device?

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There are some usb-c ports on the device, these should work the same as any other Linux laptop. There could be some power constraints for heavy users.

Hello @anatoliy

One of the USB-C connectors can pass through analog audio to headphones or speakers using a passive audio dongle.

The USB ports on the left side will work with a USB Hub. The ports on the right side are USB devices meaning they are meant to be plugged into a computer not into other devices. The right-side bottom connector can act as a USB OTG connector but some software support will be required to make that work.

The Pocket P.C. has built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. You may also use a separate USB Wi-Fi adapter if you wish.

The touch screen can work with a capacitive stylus such as the same that can be used with an iPhone or iPad.

To determine shipping rate and grand total, you can add the Pocket P.C. to your shopping cart and enter your address without paying at

We expect to ship units to people who have already ordered in October and new orders in a separate batch in November/December. We will be updating the shop today to reflect this information.