Extending Wireless

Hey there!

i just bought a pocket pc. hope to have it soon,

unfortunately its only 2.4ghz wifi…

wondering how much space is left inside the device to maybe add this really nice wifi usb board:


it does do Wifi AC / 5GHZ and bluetooth 5.0 all with an integrated antenna.

checking the schematic the internal wireless modules is a 6223A-SRD,
which means it uses a realtek chipset internally: RTL8723DS


cheers max

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Hi Maxmatteo,

what type off use case do you have for the 5G? just curious :slight_smile:

Cheers Ben

its 5ghz wifi, not 5G cellular/mobile !

just having a better/faster connection :wink: 2.5ghz is really crowded

I meant to say 5ghz, not 5G mobile. I forgot about the congestion on the 2.4ghz band living out in the country :upside_down_face: because in general I somehow think that the device won’t feel faster with with the extra speed/bandwidth that bump would give.

Hi @maxmatteo,
That’s a cool module.
I checked and it appears that it uses two USB ports, one for Wi-Fi and one for Bluetooth.
To use both, in addition to installing the Wi-Fi module, you will need to install a separate PCB with a USB hub. This is what they do on their development kit.
You should be able to get it to fit, although no guarantees. There are a number of ribs that you have to avoid.
Another issue is connecting to the USB internally. There is a 4-port USB hub built in and currently all 4 ports are being used. Potentially, you can use the device / OTG port which has test-points exposed but then you won’t be able to use that port.
Our suggesting is if you are going to be hacking on the PCB then find a drop-in compatible Wi-Fi/BT module and replace the 2.4GHz module. You will also need to change the antenna and RF-Switch. The antenna has a 5GHz pin-to-pin compatible version. The RF-Switch may be a little harder to find in drop-in compatible IC.
Good luck if you try this and please let us know your results.