External antennas?

For the LoRa/GNSS model, it would be great if we could have connectors for external antennas. I suspect internal antennas are going to provide subpar performance.


Yes, and integrated with routers or solar panel power.

Normaly distance in city are 0.5 km, if mesh and 3-4 devices distance dramaticaly increase

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The LoRa model should have a way to attach an external antennas.

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Currently, Pocket P.C. has an internal chip antenna. We are exploring the possibility of providing an external antenna option. The LoRa module we selected has a u.FL connector on it in addition to an RF output on the module pads. The factory would have to CNC a hole into the enclosure and we will place a u.FL to SMA pigtail. Since we are selling normal WiFi versions and LoRa versions, we can’t provide the option for an external antenna in the plastic enclosure injections molds. This will have to be a modification done to the plastics after they come out of the mold.

I’ll follow up in a few weeks after we have explored the viability of this option.