How can one install a non-Debian distro on the Pocket PC

I am very interested in this project. Debian, not so much. Will it be possible to just install something else ? Like Arch, or Slackware, or FreeBSD ?

Or perhaps, anotner way to ask - is the boot process tightly coupled to the way Debian works ?

Finally, do the LoRa bits depend on Debina, or this particular distribution of Debian ?

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Hi @dmcalloway,

We are planning on making a number of different distributions available for Pocket P.C.

Debian will be the first distribution that will have full support of the hardware.

We are also currently experimenting with Manjaro, an Arch-based distribution.

The boot process is not tightly-coupled to the way Debian works.

The LoRa module is independent from the OS.

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This is great news! Thank you very much for the reply.