Keyboard are important

I’m from Poland. I need altGr on right place from space. I need this key for my language specific chars (ążółŃĆ etc)

In my opinion keyboard must have arrows, home, end and pgupdown for working in terminal.
many keyboard have thinest keys for ; \ ’ etc
In my opinion capslock == function key + other key is a good idea,

second idea are add function key (only f2,f5,f6,f8,f10) meybe few not all.

I need switch for turn on-off computer (not button) and volume potenciometer off…increase volume.

this trick is good for keyboard

There are even more problems with the keyboard when someone wants to use any other keyboard layout. For example, an ISO keyboard has a big enter key and in the layout that is visible on the photos of the pocket popcorn, where the upper part of that enter key would be, there is instead the backspace key. The keyboard layout I like to use has an even bigger problem, as the button that is additional in an ISO keyboard compared to an ANSI keyboard to the right of the left shift key, is a modifier.
I am a bit sad as otherwise the pocket popcorn looks great, but for me it is unusable without a real ISO keyboard.

Hi @jstsmthrgk and @iok!
Thank you for the feedback. The keyboard mapping in the images on the Pocket P.C. page are not final. We will be seeking feedback exactly like yours before making the final decision on what keys the keyboard should have. Next week, we will make a request for feedback post here on the forums with the latest keyboard mapping. For now, we are working hard on preparing for our launch on Monday, Nov. 24th. Thanks for your interest!

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+1 to the keyboard layout remarks. The physical keys to navigate terminal and vim (ie. esc, ctrl, arrows) would make this device very interesting for any system/network administrator on the go. The other feature that would be nice is built in foldable stand.

The tentative keyboard layout is posted here in this thread: Pocket P.C. Keyboard Layout

Thanks for all the feedback so far.
@whistler We have EST, CTRL and Arrows. We will look into offering a foldable stand.
@jstsmthrgk Please take a look. While it is not likely that we will make the enter key bigger, we do have a Fn modifier key.
@iok We have the AltGr, arrows and all the function keys. We welcome suggestions on where to add Home, Page Up and Down and End as modifier function keys.