LoRa frequency?


Looking forward to getting mine when it ships.

I did a quick search here, but didn’t see — is the LoRa radio in the 400MHz or the 900HMz band? Will be picking up a couple of Raspberry Pis with hats for the various projects here.

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the module from the spec sheets is approved for: “Frequency 860-930MHz” so unless they change the part please find the link below:


LoRa uses license-free sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands like 433 MHz , 868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (Australia and North America), 865 MHz to 867 MHz (India) and 923 MHz (Asia). LoRa enables long-range transmissions with low power consumption.

LoRa - Wikipedia.

Right. I understand that. But the LoRa spec calls for a radio to use one of the two bands, and when buying other LoRa radios, you need to match the bands — a radio doesn’t hop between those bands only the frequencies on a given band. So If I am to buy another LoRa radio board to work with the Pocket PC, do I get a 400MHz band one or a 900Mhz band one?

Website states:

Ready to operate on frequencies EU868, US915, and AS923.


The website is a little out of date. We hope to correct it this week.

We are currently using the RAK4200 module which is functionally equivalent to the Murata module we originally selected. (Same microcontroller and radio IC.)

For RF characteristics of the RAK4200 you can check out Rak Wireless’ website here:

As you can see, the modules come in a (H) and (L) versions which depending on the version you select can operate on High or Low frequencies. All major frequency bands are covered and which ones you can access depend which version you select and which tuning elements are soldered onto the PCB.

We intend on sending a couple emails out to customers who ordered the LoRa version and request the frequency band they would like their Pocket P.C. to be tuned to. The antenna we selected can operate on all major bands so a change in antenna is not required.

If you are interested, you can take a look at the Pocket P.C. schematic page for the LoRa module and see which tuning elements are required for which frequency. (We only have two frequencies listed at this time in the schematic.)

Aha! Thank you @boppy and @sourceparts. Sounds like one of the 900MHz modules is what I want for the other end.