People behind popcornputer?


Hi, did anyone from nextthing make it to this company? Asking, because so many things about the website and the forums seems so familiar. If yes, glad to see you all back on your feet and good luck with the spiritual successor to C.H.I.P.


The CEO of Source Parts was formerly a head engineer at Next Thing Co. I believe.


Is it Gus? He made those neat markers on the side of GPIOs at the last second for CHIPs. Good lad.


Hi @petrov-vodkin Welcome.

At Source Parts, we have sourced, designed, assembled and tested tens of thousands of parts and completed products for our customers. Source Parts is an American company with main operations in and surrounding the Hua Qiang Bei electronics markets in Shenzhen, China. We have direct access and insight over the complete supply-chain for the longevity of the products and parts that we design, source, build and ship. Source Parts was founded by Jose Angel Torres and Ileana Torres in March of 2017.

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I found some info: Wish I would have known about the Kickstarter:

Jose was the lead electrical engineer behind PocketC.H.I.P. and the CHIP Pro Dev Kit. He built the test fixtures for C.H.I.P., PocketCHIP and the C.H.I.P Pro Dev Kit. He helped ramp up production of tens of thousands of units in Shenzhen, China.

Ileana is a stellar business operations specialist. She is COO of Source Parts.

Scott Ryan brings innovative solutions to complex problems in design and manufacture. He has been known to run every aspect of the electrical design through his head countless times to ensure that a product is ready for manufacture and test. Because of his ingenuity, products that Scott is involved in seeing through to manufacture, ship on time and on budget. Article on Kettlepop