Pocket P.C. and Popcorn Computer January Update

All is quiet here in Shenzhen, China. Factories have shutdown for Chinese New Year and most everyone has gone back to their home town to be with their families. Despite being limited by what we can produce during this time, our work at Popcorn Computer continues.

Our injection molding factory has proven to be a invaluable partner. They have been providing thoughtful suggestions and analysis of our initial design. They speak from a position of experience as they specialize in computer keyboards and pocket translators.

After they looked at our initial design they suggested that we incorporate a metal bracket behind the display to secure it better.

We also decided on changing our design to incorporate screws instead of snapping together. This makes the device easier to take apart with less of a chance of breaking things in the process.

We have shared the latest renders from the factory below. After the Chinese New Year, we will be 3D printing this latest design before moving ahead with tooling.

As a result of these changes and to allow additional time for testing the new design, shipping of our initial batch will be delayed a few weeks. Our current estimate is that we will be shipping the initial batch during mid-to-late June.

In other news, we have launched a new web store at https://shop.popcorncomputer.com.
If you had trouble ordering in the past, this new web store should prove much more reliable.
We have made available for preorder our other products including Original Popcorn, Stovetop and Kettlepop. We have the components and PCBs for these products in stock and will start production soon after the Chinese New Year.

Thank you everyone for the Keyboard suggestions. We will consolidate all the suggestions and try to get back to everyone with an agreeable consensus.

Questions and comments on the renders below are welcomed.

It is great to have you as part of our community and a part of the development of these exciting new products.

– Jose