Pocket P.C. Keyboard Layout

I would make several changes:

  • make it one key wider (this then provides the full width of a normal keyboard)
  • put the escape key up there like the arrow keys (but on the left)
  • move the backspace key up
  • basically making the keyboard a standard alphanumeric keyboard block with dedicated escape and arrow keys at the top

one thing that would be nice (but would make manufacturing more difficult) would be to provide two different layouts, as ISO keyboards have an additional key at the bottom left and a bit of a different key arrangement on the right (see https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/216959/files/117538235/iso-vs-ansi-min.png)

Do people really use Caps Lock? Especially on a small terminal device when space is precious? Is it necessary? I always map it to Ctrl anyways. I would also like to have the space key a bit larger, doesn’t seem really comfortable when such a commonly used key has such a small surface area.

Instead of a standard staggered key layout how about an ortholinear one?

Nice keyboard but many people using terminal. This are good layout. I have some changes:

good idea to small space
a) F12 split for F12+ Del
b) Caps moving to Fn , for example Fn+D = Caps
Caps divide to 2 keys
c) switch Fn and ctrl
d) near arrow add PgUp and PgDown

All big keys are esc and modyficator (shift, ctrl etc) some keys are small ~ |


Please make an ISO standard -keyboard, or even with the extra keys. If you do, I’ll buy one!

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I would like the layout to orient more on the ISO standard keyboard.

To reduce the number of keys moving some keys to alternate layers is fine, as you have already done, but regular keys should remain in the usual location.

Please have a look at the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, especially their Layout.

I think what has been done there would fit for the Pocket P.C. as well. The only change I would like would be a physical ESC key…

Orienting the layout towards the ISO std. keyboard would make the device appealing (a deciding factor for me at least) for everyone across the pond because it resembles or can be made to resemble our usual environment. And yes away with the CAPS.

I can’t seem to find a drawing with dimensions on it. I would also vote for removal of the caps lock key. Just leave it there and blank so people can program it as they see fit.

Few ideas:
Initial keyboard looks good, but it will be excellent to add more buttons near arrows(arrows button line) i.e. PgUp and PgDn
idea is to move arrows right and add PgUp and PgDn at the left OR move three LED’s right and add PgUp and PgDn on top of the ESC
Also i did not see any sense for AltGr at all.
-/_ and +/= keys can be moved up, Esc can be smaller as a regular button as well as F12 and it will leave space for those two buttons.

Yes, I totally agree with you. main focus should be that using a terminal on a Linux system is key factor. Therefore escape for vi is essential, and other special keys are important for movement and so on.

I’d like to see a few keys saved for copied text. We can paste those copied texts easier elsewhere in a new command line.

Well, does the keyboard have to be in such bright colors??!
Actually I was hoping for something with more serious look.
Something that looks gadget-like. Just like … Computer.
Common guys… Most of the people here are developers and . we are not afraid of computers to try to make it look like a toy.

The different colors in the renders are to demonstrate the RGB backlight. You will have full control over the backlight.

As of this time, the keyboard itself will have black printing with letters in white and orange symbols.

yes as said before an iso keyboard is very important. the caps lock is not needed. an additional fn key on the right side and fn arrows on wasd would be very comfortable

Will it be possible to change the keyboard layout to other languages?

The keyboard/system controller’s source code will be open sourced. You can reprogram all the keys to whatever function or key that you prefer.

Since a significant portion of our sales are from Germany, we are considering providing a German keyboard option.

Once we are closer to final production, we will have a better idea of what will be available at launch and what we will be able to provide later on.

Technically, providing different keyboard options is not very difficult as all it requires is a different silkscreen on the rubber keys. Changing the size of keys or number of keys after the mold is created will be impossible. That is why we are soliciting your feedback so that we can provide a keyboard layout that has the best consensus from future users of Pocket P.C.

We have made a few changes to the keyboard based on the feedback we received already. I’ll post about that in a few days.

Thank you for the info. The German layout as an alternative to English one would be indeed very useful.

can’t wait for the next update!!!

We will be starting a new thread with the latest keyboard design soon. As such, I will be locking this thread. Thank you everyone for the feedback.

Edit: Here’s the latest thread: Pocket P.C. Keyboard Layout (Part 2)