Pocket PC Update?

May we get an update on the status of the Pocket PC, please.

Thank you.


Iā€™m also wondering where this is. I know things are stalled, but I did order. :-/

Hello and thanks for the message.

We are preparing a major update today and will be sending out a newsletter in the next day or so.

We have also created a new blog and future updates will be posted there.
We will create a forum post when there is new blog updates so no update gets missed buy those who pre-ordered.


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Thanks a lot for the update. A lot of pleasant surprises in there ā€” hdmi, externally accessible SD card slot, video over USB-C, and arrow keys.

Iā€™d really like to hear more about the keyboard layout and about the custom display mentioned. Also, how is the software coming along? Could you tell us more about what the GUI environment will be like?

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looks like things are happening! thanks for the update/upgrade!

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