Popcorn Tools Beta

I’m interested. I have a pocketchip.

Thank you everyone for your interest!
We are going to close the beta sign-up for now.
An email will be sent to those who expressed interest next month with instructions so you can give our Web Tool a try with your devices.

Has anyone received the email?

Not yet but maybe I’m not a part of the beta.

Hello everyone.

Our Web Tool beta launch was delayed as our efforts were directed towards the Pocket P.C. launch. As things have settled now we will be focusing again on launching our Web Tools.

Thank you @overseerua for your interest. @nimrod since you posted in this thread you will be a part of the beta if you would like to.

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@sourceparts I would like to take part in the beta. Thanks.

I know I’m pretty late, but have there been any updates? I wanted to try the beta, but I’ll settle for just knowing what’s going on with all of this!

Hello! How is the Web Tools project coming along? Please add me as a beta tester. I’ve got a few CHIPs and a PocketCHIP. Thanks! :raised_hands:

PS for anyone looking to tinker with their CHIP in the meantime, this fellow is mirroring some images and tools. JF Possibilities' mirror of NTC's CHIP-tools images


I’m interested
I have a pocketchip

I am interested as well. I have a PocketCHIP.

I‘m interested, I own the C.H.I.P. and the PocketC.H.I.P.

I’m interested. I have a dead Pocket CHIP, and a spare CHIP, that I would like to use for the PocketCHIP.

is there any updates on the popcorn web tools? I have a chip and would like to test the OS.

I’m interested! I have a functional PocketCHIP that I would like to update, and I ordered an Original Popcorn Computer. :crossed_fingers:

I’m interested. I have PocketCHIP and I’m thinking about Popcorn Computer.

I was snooping around and found the web tool and got it to connect to my chip it loaded a few files but i got side tracked and haven’t had time to dig out my old tv to see what it did to the chip but it wouldn’t let me choose a os to flash to it so i don’t think it did much but hopefully later today i will have time to pull the tv out of the closet and plug it in and ill post what happened when/if i do.

Hi @Purple_sticky_punch and all other interested parties,
We haven’t launched the web tools to the public yet because we are currently missing a key feature. The web tools currently allow users to boot their devices into a flashing/cloning mode. This is essentially a minimal Linux build that is loaded to the devices RAM over USB then booted. If you want to experiment with this build, you can hook up a USB-Serial converter to the UART1 pins and login as root with no password required after the device has successfully booted. (It should take less than 10 minutes.
Another reason we have not launch the tools yet is because we do not have a working driver install file for Windows. The drivers currently linked on the tools website is not compatible.
We have engaged some developers to help us launch the tools soon. The tools went on the back burner for a while as we are heavily involved in getting our products manufactured and shipped.
I’ll send an email out to everyone who has expressed interest when the above two issues are resolved.
Thank you for your interest.

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Awesome. Thank you. My work is starting to pick back up for the year so i haven’t had time to dig that tv out yet. But I’ve had these 3 c.h.i.p.s for over a year and i really wanted to be able to do something with them. although the sound editor and pico that come with them are a lot of fun i can’t actually download and play any of the games on it, or use the shields for the regular ones. I figured you guys had a lot going on. Thank you for the update if i get a day off ill have to try messing around with the uart.

I’m interested! I have two Original C.H.I.P, a PocketC.H.I.P, and a Orange Pi. I’ve also a Original Popcorn 32GB on order from you guys, and looking to get up and running, at some point.

Hey there! I’m a pocketchip user, it’s still witout flash?