Popcorn Web Tools

I’m in. I have a Pocket CHIP and CHIP running a server distro also.

“I’m interested!”

My devices: 4 x C.H.I.P., 2 x PocketC.H.I.P.

I am also interested!

I own two PocketC.H.I.Ps

I’m interested!
2 x Pocket CHIP
Have HDMI DIP so can also test as CHIP if needed.
Understanding it will be web based but can test from Win10, KDE(Ubuntu) and Raspbian.
Would be nice to be able to flash from RPi.

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I’m interested.

I have two Pocketchips, one chip.

I’m interested!
I have 1 CHIP, am planning to get a popcorn computer, am planning on getting a PocketCHIP, and I have a banana pro (though I’m unlikely to use this with my banana pro).

I’m interested!
I have two pocket CHIPs(both Toshiba), I also have two more CHIPs (a Toshiba and a Hynix). I also have the HDMI and VGA DIPs.

Flashing from RPi is definitely nice for when you are away from home.

I’m interested too. I have a Hynix PocketCHIP.

Interested, I have about 16 CHIP and a PocketCHIP

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I’m interested!

My devices: C.H.I.P., PocketC.H.I.P.

I’m interested!

My devices: C.H.I.P.

I’m interested. I have a pocketchip.

I am interested, I own three chips as well as the pocketchip.

Thank you everyone for your interest!
We are going to close the beta sign-up for now.
An email will be sent to those who expressed interest next month with instructions so you can give our Web Tool a try with your devices.

Has anyone received the email?

Not yet but maybe I’m not a part of the beta.

Hello everyone.

Our Web Tool beta launch was delayed as our efforts were directed towards the Pocket P.C. launch. As things have settled now we will be focusing again on launching our Web Tools.

Thank you @overseerua for your interest. @nimrod since you posted in this thread you will be a part of the beta if you would like to.

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@sourceparts I would like to take part in the beta. Thanks.

I know I’m pretty late, but have there been any updates? I wanted to try the beta, but I’ll settle for just knowing what’s going on with all of this!