Popcorn Web Tools

Hello everyone.

Our Web Tool beta launch was delayed as our efforts were directed towards the Pocket P.C. launch. As things have settled now we will be focusing again on launching our Web Tools.

Thank you @overseerua for your interest. @nimrod since you posted in this thread you will be a part of the beta if you would like to.

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@sourceparts I would like to take part in the beta. Thanks.

I know I’m pretty late, but have there been any updates? I wanted to try the beta, but I’ll settle for just knowing what’s going on with all of this!

Hello! How is the Web Tools project coming along? Please add me as a beta tester. I’ve got a few CHIPs and a PocketCHIP. Thanks! :raised_hands:

PS for anyone looking to tinker with their CHIP in the meantime, this fellow is mirroring some images and tools. http://chip.jfpossibilities.com/chip/

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I’m interested
I have a pocketchip

I am interested as well. I have a PocketCHIP.