Production update request

Is there any update that can be shared? It has been nearly a month since I’ve last seen any communication… would love to see something so I don’t give up complete hope…

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Never give up on hope!

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I’ve been burned by enough of these pre-order backing type things that get dragged out for years to the point where all communication stops and yet again money is down the drain…

Even a simple “we are still working” type message every once and a while would be appreciated

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@szay71 yeah, I think quite a few of us have been burned on a tech crowd fun. Still as long as they keep giving updates… I can only imagine that it’s always next week that one problem might be fixed let’s do the update then… Judging by the fact that it’s Chinese new year in a month i think that the next 2 months won’t see a new pre production run…

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Then they need to say that. This radio silence is not helping anyone. Either they’re sitting on their hands doing absolutely nothing, or they have something they could share. I’m getting very nervous. I’ve definitely stopped recommending this product to anyone as I don’t want to be responsible for others getting burned.


Newsletter and Blog update will be sent out by the end of the week. We have been working nonstop to get DVT2 units assembled before Chinese New Year. Most factories don’t take on new orders during this time. This involved working with a new factory who could accommodate our requirements and auditing them. More details to come soon.


Thank you for the update, I look forward to reading it

Thanks for the update, great that a factory was found before the Chinese new year. Can’t wait for the result of the test run!

End of the week passed, no updates from you. Your communication strategy is the worst.

Okay, it’s not optimal to use Blog one time, Forum one time, email one time, website one time. But the update was there on Feb. 3rd: Beating the Clock before Chinese New Year

Our last newsletter update went out Februrary 3rd. Make sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get all the latest updates. We send the update there first then it is usually copied to our blog right after sending it out. This time however, we were “Beating the Clock before Chinese New Year” and we did not have a chance to copy the update to our blog until today. You can see the last update on our blog here:

The good news is our perseverance paid off and we now have Pocket P.C. booting with most functionality tested. We took a video of Pocket P.C. booting and will share that shortly after our team has edited the video.

We will be sending another update by the end of this week with a summary of the factory assembly and test and board bring-up.

It feels great sitting down to the computer and opening up a serial terminal to start hacking away at a Pocket P.C. Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to get Pocket P.C. ready to be shipped to you so you can soon experience this as well.