Proprietary Firmware and Drivers?

Hi, Which hardware needs non-free licensed or has no source code firmware and/or drivers? I greatly prefer hardware that has no proprietary firmware :). My dream love is 100% libre software stack and firmware :D.

I guess the wifi and bluetooth firmware is non-free, not sure if the driver is non-free? need to research more. I end up, giving up and using wifi,bt anyway but libre firmware and driver is a great preference :).

What about the microcontroller for the keyboard and lora, Is all the source code firmware on it going to be published under a libre software compatible license?

Thank you very much for your efforts! :slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer for the Wi-Fi/BT firmware right now.

However, for the keyboard software, we are currently planning on scrapping our existing firmware for QMK as it is well developed and GPL-licensed.

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Thanks muchly for the reply!

btw i would be ok with old versions of wifi if it means getting to use the few wifi ic that had libre firmware for it released. was the one that got the source code released for the wifi ic in there dongles they used.

QMK looks like a great way of having fancy libre keyboard firmware :smiley: