Prototypes to show?

There has to be something you can show. People are starting to refer to this project as “vaporware” online in various forums, and it would go a long way to assuage people’s concerns if there was something more to see. Unless, that is, the product really only exists as renders right now, in which case I fail to see how you can target December for shipping…

For an example of a project that’s doing this very well in my opinion, look at the latest update from Flipper Zero:

They’re shipping in January. Now, I think they had an advantage that they had a working prototype device before launching their kickstarter, but still. It’s clear that the hardware isn’t done, but they’re showing what they’re working with.

Did you check the blog?

I had some terrible experience with kickstarters already but this thing still gives me good vibes!

Yep, I’ve read the blog. It still seems like it’s all renders.

I wonder if it would be possible to see some kind of development roadmap to see where they are with the various stages of the project (eg, hardware development, PCB production, case design, software, linux kernel, etc, etc). I’m sure they have this information internally, tracking these various stages of development. I would feel a lot better if I understood what’s going on and what the timelines are for the various pieces.

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I totally agree that updates are (too) rare with this project, but there is at least one real image available: Pocket P.C. Development Updates

And it looks sweet. I really hope to receive this little beauty by the end of the year, but I also expected far more updates in the process. But still I am far away from calling it vaporware…

Our last two blog posts show our prototypes.
The LCD is the actual custom display we had made specifically for Pocket P.C.
The enclosure is a 3D print that matches the final model that was used to make the molds.
We are assembling full units toward the end of next week.
We will be posting photos of those units in early December.
Our next update will include an updated timeline for production.
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The images at the top of the articles? They look like renders. Apologies if those are actual prototypes.

Looking forward to updates!