Shell/Chassis Distinction Between LoRa and No LoRa

Hello. I’m of the opinion that there should be something to visually distinguish the LoRa model from the non-LoRa model. Perhaps you’ve thought about that already. If not, I can offer suggestions. Except for the keyboard light color, they appear the same. I understand the light is programmable as well.

Perhaps a clear black or “atomic black” shell for LoRa. Maybe, a logo on the back. Maybe, a logo on the screen lens border. There’s different ways to do it. I just think there should be a visual distinction between the two models if there isn’t one already.



The two units are identical cosmetically. To reduce development and production costs, the case and display are the same. If we were to change the case or display then we would have to open another mold and that would be capital intensive. To clarify, the keyboard has RGB LEDs so you can set the color to whatever you would like. The LoRa version is blue in the video to show the ability to change the keyboard color and to differentiate the two models.

In regards to clear case or different colors, we will have an update about that soon. We are actually on the train now heading to the factory to discuss that very thing.

I’ll update you as soon as we have had a discussion with the factory.

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Oh, you intrigue me so.

We posted a thread about color options here:

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