Two possible technical problems of project's homepage

Hello, I just wish to point out two possible problems in the pocket popcorn computer project’s home page (Pocket Popcorn Computer).
The first is about registering to the mailing list. I first tried some months ago but I wasn’t able to: on both my smartphone and my notebook, after typing my e-mail address and tapping/clicking the button to subscribe the string “Sending” appeared right above the textbox but it struck there without sending any email. I’ve retried about two hours ago and this time it worked on my notebook: despite the fact that after the “sending…” message I got a bit later a message like “Error: timeout” I received the subscription confirmation email, so this could be just a cosmetic bug.
The other potential problem I noticed is that when I load the project’s homepage sometimes it says that fundraising is at $5,876 and some others that it’s at $3,485 and seems to keep jumping between those two values with an interval of some minutes (I would say from two to five minutes).
I hope to have been useful,

Hi @GTP!

Welcome and thanks for reporting this issues.
We are extremely appreciative of your astute observations and welcome any further questions.

The two issues you have mentioned we are aware of.

The first problem you will encounter if you are using Firefox with Advanced Tracking Protection enabled. Firefox has blacklisted Mailchimp who we use for our mailing list. We will be using our own mailing list server in the near future and this issue will be resolved soon. If you would like to join our mailing list you can try loading our web page in another browser or email us at and we can add you manually.

The problem with the funding status showing inconsistent results is due to an intermittent issue with our payment provider. You see the two values because we return a hard coded value if our payment provider doesn’t return order information. Since this issue doesn’t affect making payments and is purely cosmetic we decided to hold off digging deeper for now so we can work on other important issues.