Will Ubuntu Budgie run on the Pocket PC?

Once the Pocket P.C. launches will Ubuntu Budgie run on it? I’ve been impressed by how Ubuntu Budgie runs the the Raspberry PI, but then the latest PI has a more modern processor and up to 8 GB of RAM.(It also runs hot so I know why the Pocket P.C. has a lower spec).

It should, though it might require a community image/non-standard installation method. Basically do a debootstrap on the device, install the Pocket PC kernel, configure the bootloader, and it should be basically the same as any other Ubuntu Budgie device. Once I get my hands on one the first thing I’m going to do is make sure it runs Debian (which is essentially an identical installation process), then start work on Android development for it.

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Ubuntu with 2GB of RAM will be a problem

Shouldn’t be. All the WMs handle 2GB okay. If it’s a big deal disable multi arch and enable zram.