Audio jack 3.5 mm?

I can’t find “3.5 mm audio jack” in the description. Is it really missing?

We opted to have Analog Audio over USB-C. Any USB-C passive adapter will work with 3.5mm headphones. Microphone will work too.

After getting your answer, I searched for USB-C to audio adaptors and found small and cheap ones. It’s probably less a problem than I thought. Thanks you!

By chance can we record audio-in via the USB-C?

Hello @22tape!
Yes, the microphone input on the USB-C dongles will work. We specifically added an extra IC to make that work. You just need to make sure that your USB-C passive audio dongle will support a microphone.

That’s great news!

Just to double check, this is the adapter I’m hoping to get. It looks like it should work?

That looks to be an adapter with a USB A/D converter built-in which is basically a USB sound card. I’m not sure of that device’s compatibility with Linux. It should be easy to test with any computer running Linux. It is also possible to use a passive USB-C audio adapter which usually costs less than $10 and you can record mono audio.