Payment Methods

Can you add some Payment Methods. Not everyone has a Credit Card.
Add a Cryptocurrency for Anonymity.
A Sepa Payment Method.
Direct Payment with Mailing.

This 3 Options should be enough.

I wanted to purchase a Popcorn Pocket P.C. But i couldn’t pay and somehow it’s is good. Cause in the soon next Weeks we have Christmas. So i gonna need that Money.
But i am sure i will buy it next Month, if there is one of this Options included.

Hi @vodkacocarussiabylat

We looked into accepting Sepa payments with our payment provider and we will be able to accept them after the new year.

I will post an update here once we start accepting Sepa payments.

If you would like to arrange payment through another method you can send us an email at and we can try to work something out.

Oh yes, same here. Bitcoin would be great!

Paypal should be trivial, please add that.

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We will not be supporting payments via PayPal.
We may allow Bitcoin payments later this year after Pocket P.C. ships to everyone who has preordered.
Building out a payment / ordering system that allows Bitcoin payments is non-trivial and we are 100% focused on Pocket P.C. at this time.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Seeing you in Shenzhen, China, I am from China. May I use WeChat to pay?

@w.dycc If you would like to pay via WeChat, please send us an email at:

I received an eMail that paying with Bitcoin is now possible.
That’s awesome!!!