Pocket P.C. Keyboard Layout

This is the tentative keyboard layout for Pocket P.C. We welcome and encourage your feedback.

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I would make several changes:

  • make it one key wider (this then provides the full width of a normal keyboard)
  • put the escape key up there like the arrow keys (but on the left)
  • move the backspace key up
  • basically making the keyboard a standard alphanumeric keyboard block with dedicated escape and arrow keys at the top

one thing that would be nice (but would make manufacturing more difficult) would be to provide two different layouts, as ISO keyboards have an additional key at the bottom left and a bit of a different key arrangement on the right (see https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/216959/files/117538235/iso-vs-ansi-min.png)

Do people really use Caps Lock? Especially on a small terminal device when space is precious? Is it necessary? I always map it to Ctrl anyways. I would also like to have the space key a bit larger, doesn’t seem really comfortable when such a commonly used key has such a small surface area.

Instead of a standard staggered key layout how about an ortholinear one?

Nice keyboard but many people using terminal. This are good layout. I have some changes:

good idea to small space
a) F12 split for F12+ Del
b) Caps moving to Fn , for example Fn+D = Caps
Caps divide to 2 keys
c) switch Fn and ctrl
d) near arrow add PgUp and PgDown

All big keys are esc and modyficator (shift, ctrl etc) some keys are small ~ |

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