Serial com port

i know it sounds outdated, but the servers still have an serial port for maintanance and most of them put a console out when the gaphic card is broken or not installed.
and you can always connect to it even when the network cards are down, or there is a software hassle.

so there is a chance to have a ready to use com port on the popcorncomputer ?

nice greetings

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I use Orange Pi Zero with a serial port, it is very convenient. And the price is very pleasing.

We got you covered. Both Pocket P.C. and Popcorn Computer have a USB-to-Serial converter connected directly to the console serial port. We designed both with hackers and developers in mind and wanted to make them as easy to develop with as possible. We didn’t want someone to have to get out a USB-to-Serial adapter and connect wires in order to get started developing with their device. It’s already built-in.