Where do I buy this thing?

I don’t see a buy button anywhere in your website. Neither can I find a separate shop site using Google. Have you already vanished? lol

there are no device yet, we all are making pre-orders via this link

Hi @pauliunas!

All is well! We are here working hard behind the scenes.

We tried very hard to get Original Popcorn into production before all the factories go on vacation before the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, we will be receiving Popcorn PCBs on the same day that our factory goes on Holiday. We have arranged production as soon as they get back in early February and in the meantime have sourced all the components for an initial production run.

We will be launching a new ordering system on our main website, https://popcorncomputer.com, later this week.

We will post an update when it goes live and share pictures of the PCBs as soon as they are received.

Jose Angel Torres
CEO, Source Parts Inc.

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~Good News!~ We launched our web store and you can view our products here: https://shop.popcorncomputer.com

Please note that due to the Chinese New Year, during which there is a month long shutdown of most factories in China, production of Popcorn and Stovetop will begin once our factory opens up in mid February. We have already received an initial batch of PCBs and have sourced all the components so all that remains is assembly and testing. We are in a position to ship initial batches of Popcorn and Stovetop by April 2020.

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