Wireless Chipset

What is the wireless chipset used in the Pocket P.C.?

Thank you.

Our initial choice is the Realtek RTL8723DS module which is 11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.
We chose it because we are very familiar with the drivers for this chipset.

We are considering the AP6256 module which has a Broadcom chipset and is capable of 11ac + Bluetooth V5.0. More testing will have to be completed before we choose this module for final production. Since this chipset operates in the 5GHz band this introduces more regulatory hurdles in terms of testing required before we ship the product. This may introduce an additional delay in shipment of the initial batch which we will be unacceptable.

More likely than not, we will be choosing the RTL8723DS module for mass production. We’ll keep everyone posted of our decision in one of our monthly updates as we get closer to mass production.

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Is this chipset capable of packet injections?