SPI EEPROM on Pocket P.C.?

Will the Pocket Popcorn include an SPI EEPROM? If so, what is the expected size? If not, are there GPIO pins inside the case that I could put one on?

In an absolutely perfect world I could get Tianocore on there and instead of futzing with U-Boot, device trees and whatnot have all the hardware definitions done in Tianocore and just boot Linux like it’s any other operating system on a standard PC. If the SPI flash is already there in the BOM it’s just a matter of making sure it’s in the boot order in the bootrom, right?

Thank you.

Hi @macromorgan

Pocket P.C. includes a 32GB eMMC and an internal SD card connector. If the eMMC is blank, it will try to boot from the SD card. There is no separate SPI memory currently in the design. Can you make use of the eMMC or SD card?